Y Strainer take their name from their configuration. are cast in sizes ¼" – 24" with Threaded, Socket Weld or Flanged End connections. Strainer are your most economical choice for large debris removal. They are most commonly used in pressurized lines, gas or liquid, but can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions. Y-Strainer has the advantage of being able to be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position. However, in both cases, the screening element or "leg" must be on the "downside" of the strainer body so that entrapped solids can be properly collected and held for disposal.

Y-Strainers are available in most materials. Pressure ratings are ANSI 125# through ANSI 2500#. Standard body materials offered are Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome-Moly and Bronze. The Y-Strainer are equipped with a blow off port. A ball valve can be fitted to flush debris that is easily removable from the screen and exhaust to atmosphere or a drain system. This feature allows for easy cleaning without interrupting the process. Various Perforations, Mesh or Perforation Mesh combinations or Wedge Wire screens are available to meet your process requirements. We carry a large inventory so you don't have to. Depend on York Strainers for your shut down or construction delivery requirements. Check out our full line of strainers or for more information contact us right now.

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Y-Strainer fabrication company

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